Wednesday, August 19, 2009

OMFG!!! I got hacked! what do i do now?!?!?!

Today at instant world of warcraft gold farming tips, tricks, guides, and etc... we bring you things that you should do if your account unfortunately gets hacked.

My world of warcaft account was hacked recently and i know what it feels like if you lose your account. You CAN get your account back after it has been hacked EVEN if the hacker got you a PERMANENT ban.

The first step you should take after you account gets hacked is to check your email and try to find out if anyone else has been on it other than you or someone you trust. Gmail is great from this point because it shows who, when, and the ip of whoever accesses your account. Change the password to your email account and then head over to wow.

Now you should try to use the wow password recovery option to try to recover the password. If you have a account you can use their similar feature there. If that does not work, it may be due to the hacker changing the email connected to your account. Then you are screwed.....Jk

Lastly if all those fail you have to bring out the big guns. Blizzard. Call blizzard with their support line (1-800-592-5499). If you can't get a hold of them right away, try again later. They are VERY busy, i had to wait for a few days before i got a hold of them. After you get a hold of blizz, they will ask for the answers to your security questions. They will then start a long process to return your account. They will send an email to you notifying you that your account info has been reset. During this time you should scan your computer for keyloggers, viruses, malware, and etc. Blizzard also has tips on that which u can google. If you call during the morning, they will hopefully have returned your account before the end of the day.

After you get your account back and find stuff missing, you can open a ticket for a GM to redeem your lost stuff. They will tell you how it works, i'm too lazy to right all that down. Anywho after you do that be extra careful for the next few days, change you password often, scan your computer often, unplug internet once in a while, whatever it takes to keep that hacker away from you while blizzard tracks them down. If blizzard wasn't able to return all your stuff the first time, ask them again later, be like "yo for rizzle, where's ma bling?!". Thats what the GM i asked told me to do =P.

That's all for now at instant wow gold tips, tricks, guides, and etc. I hope this helped.